Melanie Windle (BFA, MFA) is an award-winning producer, educator, and passionate lover of the arts since childhood. She toured internationally as an actor & dancer, created works of theatre, and owned & operated an acting school before turning her attention to producing screen-based media.


Melanie’s love and respect for the Carmilla fandom, web series, and creative team is such that she chose to produce The Carmilla Movie whilst rearing her wee newborn, requiring on-set breastfeeding, and eliciting the loveliest smiles. Currently, Melanie is the Manager of Programming at the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television, where she leads the charge on the Canadian Academy Directors Program for Women and produces the Members Lounge, a five-day professional development conference during Canadian Screen Week.

CarmillaCon is an unofficial project organized by fans. is not affiliated with or endorsed by Smokebomb Entertainment, Shaftesbury Films, or any of their partners or associated or affiliated organizations. All trademarks and copyrights for the Carmilla web series and movie are held by their respective owners.


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