Overview Closed

Volunteer applications are open from

April 19th - June 5th


Applicants should expect a response by June 21st

Tickets are not refundable, if you are offered a volunteer position, you may transfer your already purchased ticket to others

Please Note: Due to limited slots available, we may only select applicants who seem most qualified and whose schedules best match our needs


The minimum age to volunteer at CarmillaCon is 19

We are asking for your volunteer services for a minimum 6 hours with breaks between. If you can not commit to a full day we recommend purchasing a CarmillaCon ticket

CarmillaCon is an unofficial project organized by fans. CarmillaCon.com is not affiliated with or endorsed by Smokebomb Entertainment, Shaftesbury Films, or any of their partners or associated or affiliated organizations. All trademarks and copyrights for the Carmilla web series and movie are held by their respective owners.


Feel free to contact us at info@carmillacon.com

Produced by Ask Ware Productions LLC

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